Located in the Technological Pole of Bodocongó (where it is possible to find two universities installed, namely The Federal University of Campina Grande and the State University of Paraíba, the Technical School Redemptorist of Electro-electronics, the PaqTcPB Foundation, the FAPESQ, the Technological Center of Leather and Footwear (CTCC) from SENAI, a foundation hospital and technology-based companies). Strategically located in the main access road to town and by the banks of the weir Bodocongó, the CITTA has an area of 17,454m ².

The CITTA will be constructed with the use of advanced technologies and modern materials that will provide comfort, safety and functionality in an urbanized area with the main roads paved and interlocking pavers in the secondary roads. The blocks that comprise the CITTA structure will be connected by elevated walkways and sidewalks for pedestrians, thereby meeting accessibility requirements.

In order to install the CITTA and the enterprises, four buildings are being constructed with a total area of 16,563.00 m² (with an occupancy rate of only 39.7 % ), in addition to a living zone with a large green area, parking lot, space for events, auditorium, meeting and videoconferencing rooms, docks for loading and unloading areas, all with environments that include full accessibility for people with special needs in a modern architectural design, which will provide intelligent working environments, with advanced technology and high connectivity through a fiber-optic network , so as to host up to 52 enterprises.


With an area of 662.50 m², designed for environments in common use in condominium (reception, lounge, administration, IT Lab, Prototype Development Laboratory, meeting room for 16 people, 03 meeting rooms for 06 people, auditorium for 60 people, female and male toilets, toilets for women and men with disabilities, dinning room, pantry, cleaning supplies stockroom, restaurant, two shops intended for facilities support services).

Block b

With an area of 6,613.50 m2, for the installation of larger enterprises. It has 10 modules with an area of 357,45 m² in the ground level floor, 10 modules with 288,00 m² in the superior floor, in addition to more 159,00 m² of mezzanine.

Block C, D

Block C, with an area of 4,500.00 m², for the installation of medium-sized enterprises, whose production requires no manufacturing plant. The block consists of underground parking (97 spaces), 14 modules 115,00 m² spread over two floors , which will have toilets and a cafeteria on the ground floor.
Block D, with an area of 4,500.00 m², for small enterprises. The block consists of underground parking (97 spaces), 28 modules of 50.00 m² spread over two floors, which will have toilets and a cafeteria on the ground floor.