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The Center for Innovation and Technology Telmo Araújo - CITTA - was created with the mission to foster and encourage innovation in the state of Paraíba and the Northeast region. Headquartered in the city of Campina Grande - PB, which is internationally recognized as one of the technological centers of knowledge production in the country, owing to its network of technical training centers and universities, which are constantly expanding, presenting several courses that set the benchmark for the innovation and technology area.

In this environment, CITTA will have a direct impact on planning, structuring, implementing and managing a business ecosystem capable of receiving, creating and consolidating international ventures that meet the demands from around the country and abroad, through the cooperation between universities, public or private companies, NGOs and government organizations, research institutes, business incubators and financing agents of technology-based projects. Based on such a strategic positioning, CITTA’s integrative and articulated actions will enable a better opportunity attraction, elicited by the Innovation Law, Good Law and other tools to support Technological Innovations.

Here are some activities to be conducted by CITTA:

• Implementation of intelligent self-sustaining services to local businesses as well as state and local governments to support innovation processes;

• Provision of facilities and other infrastructure, communications and logistics facilities for the consortium partners;

• Organization of information technology services to businesses, governments and universities in the region and, in particular, the State of Paraíba;

• Encouragement to help the emergence of venture capital enterprises to generate investment opportunities for venture consortium partners;

• Conduction of studies and research projects aimed at the generation, appropriation and sharing of knowledge necessary for the promotion of technological innovations;

• Mapping low cost technologies in the public domain to promote innovative projects with social orientation.

The consortium ventures may be small, medium and large-sized enterprises, being installed in the following two stages:

1) initially, existing businesses already in operation with local, regional or national insertion projects (local C&I portfolio vs. markets, in line with the strategic areas of the CAP C&T&I);

2) then, companies with other innovative and relevant projects that need an environment to its full development.

Still in Step 1, at least three anchor enterprises will also be attracted, chosen for their importance in the ICT market (national or international benchmarking) and their conduct in the performance of partnerships and investments with consortium companies.

Telmo Araújo

The name of the Center for Innovation and Technology is a tribute to Professor Telmo Araújo, born in Recife, PE, due to his invaluable contribution to teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate contexts, as well as to research and extension for more than 20 years at the Federal University of Paraíba and the
Federal University of Campina Grande, not to mention to the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship in Brazil.
Post-doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, France, Telmo Araújo played an important role in the consolidation of Campina Grande as a technological center. He was head of the department and coordinator of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Electrical Engineering. He was also the regional secretary of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC), director of the Technological Park Foundation of Paraíba (PaqTcPB Foundation), president of the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Paraíba (FAPESQ), member of the Board of National Sebrae, secretary of Planning of Campina Grande, president of the National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec), coordinator of the Center for Software internalization (TecOut Center) and representative of the Federal Government in China.


The PaqTcPB Foundation, since its inception in 1984, has been supporting innovative enterprises that settle in the vicinity of important centers of learning and research in our state. In the city of Campina Grande, a highlight should be given to initiatives that emerged along with the Technological Pole of Bodocongó, which is a differentiated region of the city where it is possible to find two universities installed, namely The Federal University of Campina Grande and the State University of Paraíba, the Technical School Redemptorist of Electro-electronics, the PaqTcPB Foundation, the FAPESQ, the Technological Center of Leather and Footwear (CTCC ) from SENAI, a foundation hospital and technology-based companies. It is in this distinguished region that, since 1996 with the establishment of special development zone under the Master Plan of the city, different public and private actors articulate and promote the attraction and retention of innovative projects in different business niches – ICT, Engineering (highlights for Oil and Gas, New Materials, Renewable Energy ) and Agribusiness.


The initial actions for implementation and operation of CITTA follow the guidelines established by a Board composed of representatives of legal entities from the State Government, City of Campina Grande, Federal University of Campina Grande, the State University of Paraíba, Federation of Industries of the State of Paraíba, Commercial Association of Campina Grande, Sebrae PB and the PaqTcPB Foundation.